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Personal Training Privates, Duo's, Trio's and Quads

Corporate wellness:  Lectures and/or workouts tailored to each company/corporation

Traveling clients can purchase programs to take along

Calorie count for weight loss

Rehabilitative work 


Pilates and Personal Training rates

Private   $80

Duo       $50ea.

Trio       $40ea.

Quad     $35ea.

Corporate wellness cost varies on company needs

Travel Packages vary per needs.  Minimum cost $15

 Calorie Count    $15

 Rehab work      $85

 In-home          $90 to $150  (distance based)

 Packages available

PLEASE REMEMBER 24 hour cancellation policy Packages are non-refundable and never expire


































































































Pilates Studio | Greenwood Village, CO | Personal Training

A Trainer changes the way you look, move, think and feel!

Are you wanting to change or heal your body?   Maintain your health?  My Greenwood Village Pilates studio inside American Pro Gym can give you the individualized approach you need to take your body to the next level. 

Book your appointment today at 720-690-3705 or use the websites contact page.

We offer every aspect related to fitness, including competitive body building and nutrition. Each Trainer is highly qualified with years of experience. We are a group of individuals committed entirely to you and your personal goals.

We are an appointment only gym. There are no monthly membership fees.

In addition to Pilate's and Personal training, we have skincare, injectables and massage. Professional results for all desiring individuals. Call now @ 720-690-3705.

Pilates and Personal Training: Hourly Rates

Private $80
Duo $50 each person
Trio $40 each person
Quad $35 each person

Packages available at a reduced hourly rate.

"My approach is to focus on you, the client rather than using what I call the textbook approach that many trainers practice. There is not one size fits all for Pilate's and personal training".   Learn more about Pilate's and Personal Trainer Sue Peterson now.

The pilate's studio is a clean and intimate environment.  There are two reformers, a cadillac, chair, spine corrector and many accessories to make your workout everything you need. Your session will begin with footwork series.  This series allows you to concentrate and come into your pilate's body.  Pilate's is both body and mind.  Every movement is done with intention.  Not momentum. The six principals of Pilate's are to concentrate, center, and control, with precision, fluidity and breath. 

The gym is clean and loaded with equipment.  We provide workout towels and bottled water, bars and drinks.  The bathrooms are tailored to your every need.  Lockers with keys, showers are stocked with everything you need.  In addition to after shower lotions, hair products etc.  

We all have our own idea of what a workout can do.  As your trainer, I will be forthright with you about your expectations.  Exercises will be tailored just for you.  I have been working with people just like you for a long time.


"I've been taking pilate's for 10 years and Sue is a rare breed of instructor.  Her focus and individual challenges she gives to each of us in an entire class is outstanding.  To make someone feel as though they are getting a private class with four other clients is a gift.  Thank you, Sue!"  Suzanne Y.

"I feel like I get a complete workout  - all over body - with Sue.  She is extremely conscientous about proper form and the results show in my body.  We don't waste time!"  Renee R.

"I cannot imagine life without Sue!  Sue is very passionate about Pilate's and always makes sure that you get a complete mind/body experience, as well as a full body work out.  She knows how to challenge me and is such a great motivator!! Not only is she a fantastic Pilate's instructor, but she is also a Personal Trainer.  She really knows her stuff!  I make sure to see her at least two or three times a week - every week!"       Jennifer M.


Gym Location?  Orchard Road and I-25

Conveniently located in the Marilyn Hickey Building at Orchard Road and I-25 in Greenwood Village, Colorado.



Training Tips

Have you ever thought about your breathing? 

Did you know that we breath an average of 30,000 times a day!? 

It is meant that we breath through our nose because it is cleaner and warmer.  We exhale through our mouth in order to completely empty the lungs.  Each inhale and exhale should last 5 to 7 seconds.  But, we are shallow breathers, for the most part.

Sit on a fit ball or comfortable chair that allows your feet to touch evenly.  Check your posture.  Place your hands on your lower tummy.  Inhale a big budda belly through your nose,  to the count of at least 5.  Exhale, to the same count, with a wide mouth. 

When we purse our lips, we close our throat.  A wide mouth allows full use of the transverse abdominous, our primary exhaler.  With each full inahle and exhale, you should feel your mid-section expand and shrink.

This simple exercise will strengthen your mid-section, feed your muscles needed oxygen and ease stress.

The self-empowerment of health is uncomparible to any other wealth.

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