List of Services and Pricing

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Personal Training Privates, Duo's, Trio's and Quads

Corporate wellness:  Lectures and/or workouts tailored to each company/corporation

Traveling clients can purchase programs to take along

Calorie count for weight loss

Rehabilitative work 


Pilates and Personal Training rates

Private   $80

Duo       $50ea.

Trio       $40ea.

Quad     $35ea.

Corporate wellness cost varies on company needs

Travel Packages vary per needs.  Minimum cost $15

 Calorie Count    $15

 Rehab work      $85

 In-home          $90 to $150  (distance based)

 Packages available

PLEASE REMEMBER 24 hour cancellation policy Packages are non-refundable and never expire


































































































Meet Pilate's and Personal Trainer Sue Peterson and Her Studio

Sue Peterson | Personal Trainer


"A good coach can see the end result". Vince Lombardi

My approach is to focus on you, rather than using what I call the "textbook" approach.  The fundamentals of movement never change.  It is the approach and use of these fundamentals that make your training session individual.                                                                             

Your desires and goals in body change are important because they are yours. We will reach your goals working as a team, for what you do outside of the gym does make a difference.  I will take care of you for as long as you desire.  Having a coach makes a huge difference!  Tremendous difference.  I will educate you as I train you, to the level that you desire, so that you can become your own coach. 

Research is "screaming" about the benefits of movement. I encourage you to google some of these articles. For example, in March of 2013, WebMD stated that "Pilate's is not just a fad but, the pathway to health."

I come from a Psychology/Play Therapy background. And, have earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Norwich University. I minored in child development. After graduating, I worked as an individual, group and family therapist in Denver.

I care very much about the human psyche but, found myself desiring to help others in another way.  I left my job as a group, family and individual therapist. And, moved into sharing my passion for movement, strength and health.  I have trained myself all my life to maintain, compete, and get back to a healthy weight and strength after having two children.  It just made sense to become a certified Pilate's and Personal Trainer. I have been training people just like you since 2000. 

I have many skill levels under my belt.  In addition to maintaining a studio, I work at Greenwood Athletic and Tennis Club and sub at the YMCA.  I participate in research at Rose Hospital.  I have participated in two research projects determining the benefits of Pilate's training. For which, I do have the written finished work.  I have also trained Fire Cadets at the Aurora Fire Academy, training the Cadets once a week for optimal health and performance.

I spend numerous hours educating myself. Knowledge is never too heavy to carry. I further my education with certifications, workshops and college classes.

My work is my passion.

"Contrology (Pilate's) is not a system of haphazard exercises designed to produce only bulging muscles. It is a unique trinity of a balanced body, mind and spirit." Joseph Pilate's

Sue Peterson Doing Pilates Workout Pilate's and Personal training complement each other. While the gym can be exhausting, Pilate's is invigorating. You may choose both forms to move and increase, or one. The wealth of self- empowerment one feels from health in body and mind is incomparible to any other wealth.